Free Lunch Show Episode 1

The first episode of The Free Lunch Show explains the purpose and intended scope for the show, teaches a few basic “common sense” rules for freebie offers online, exposes a very popular offer for the scam it is, introduces our Stolen Recipe segment, and tells you how to get 2 DVD’s and a CD for absolutely NOTHING! We hope to dramatically develop this show over the next few episodes , so please subscribe and stay subscribed.

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Show Notes:

What is Free Lunch?
Free Tip of the Week: Be careful what you give
Free Lunch Expose: Free Ipod Offers
Free Items of the week:
Free Hogleg Movie DVD
Free CD From MTVU
Free Counter-terrorism DVD/CD
Free Lunch Stolen Recipe: The Starbucks Frappuchino

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Free Lunch Has Launched!

Welcome to Free Lunch! The First show will be availabe very soon.

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